The Chronicle The Student News Site of Bishop Seabury Academy Wed, 04 Mar 2020 20:24:30 +0000 en-US hourly 1 2/24-3/2 Weekend Update Wed, 04 Mar 2020 20:24:30 +0000 This week in sports was less eventful than usual, with middle school seasons already over. Varsity girls basketball had their last game of the season on the evening of Tuesday the 25th. It was an away game at Heritage Christian Academy. They lost 58-23, although they fought hard in the second half. Despite, and perhaps because of facing some hard losses this season, the team has improved tremendously, especially in terms of their record. Winning five games this year, there is a certain improvement from the past two seasons, where not a single game was won. They look forward to success next season.

Yet again, the high school boys basketball team, whose regular season ended last week, dominated the competition; they notched two key wins last week: 83-37 over Heritage Christian on Tuesday and 70-46 over Pembroke Hill on Thursday. Against Heritage, the team saw five of their players reach double figures. Sophomore Juju Ramirez led the team with 22 points, junior Zach Bloch had 19, Senior Luke Hornberger had 16, junior Stavian Jones had 12 and Senior Cobe Green had 10. Overall, the team spread out the scoring across their balanced and dynamic attack. They followed up on this big win with another dominant performance against Pembroke Hill. This time, Jones led the scoring with 22 points, followed Ramirez with 21 and Bloch with 17. This showing gives the team a strong boost of momentum going into the postseason, which begins on Tuesday with a rematch against Heritage Christian. The game will take place at seven at Seabury, and it is a pink-out, so be sure to come out and support the team. BSAP is paying admission, which is ordinarily $5, for the first 50 students in pink.

“DUCKS!” This was the cry that rang throughout the Seabury gymnasium on the nights of February 28th and 29th. Upper school actors performed David Mammot’s play “Duck Variations.” Student directors Alex Porter, Emma Silvestri, Shelby Esmond and Alesia Brovtcyna each took charge of a few of the 14 scenes in the play. Full of humor and deep conversations about ducks, the play was a great success. The next Seabury performance is the all-school musical, “Jesus Christ Superstar.” Auditions are after school on March 3rd and 4th. 

Many of these actors also traveled to Basehor-Linwood for a Leap Day forensics tournament. The team placed fourth overall, only two points behind the third place team. Seniors Alex Porter and Addie Bay placed fourth in Duet, and Bay also placed fourth in Improvised Duet Acting (IDA) with senior Logan Mathis. Senior Emma Silvestri placed second in Poetry and qualified for state. Junior Lyle Griggs placed first in Extemporaneous speaking, qualifying for state, and fourth in Impromptu. Junior Morgan Orozco placed second in Oration, qualifying for state, and placed fourth in Extemp. Sophomores Ivan Calderon and Marie Brockhoff placed fifth in Duet and Brockhoff also placed sixth in Informative. It was a very successful tournament for the forensicators, who will compete again at Paola high school on Saturday, March 7th.

The chess team completed recently at a tournament. Although they were middle schoolers competing in a high school division, David rose against Goliath, and the team placed second overall. In other middle school competition news, the sixth, seventh and eighth grade science classes competed at the KU Engineering Expo on February 24th. Some of them built bottle rockets, among other competitions, and all of the middle schoolers viewed the exhibits set up at the Expo. 

FBLA hosted its annual Career Fair on Thursday, February 27th. Highschoolers spent an hour talking to people with different occupations, including forensic science, organic chemistry, engineering, dentistry, finance and law enforcement. Students won prizes for asking questions, including oreos and a Snack Shack coupon. Thank you to FBLA for hosting the fair, and to all community participants! 

Having prepared materials for the conference for several months, delegates to the 2020 Topeka Model United Nations (TMUN) conference spent Monday and Tuesday speaking on behalf of their countries at the Ramada Inn in Topeka. Although the event is not primarily competitive — most go for the educational opportunity — two Seabury delegates won awards. Seventh grader Hugh Griggs won Best Affirmation Speech in World Council C and placed second among all delegates in his council. His brother, junior Lyle Griggs, won Best Negation Speech in Security Council, placed first among delegates in that council and won best overall delegate at TMUN. 

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Varsity Basketball Substate Preview Mon, 02 Mar 2020 20:11:14 +0000 To say the high school basketball team has had a successful year so far would be and understatement. The team finished with a seabury all-time best record of 18-2, clinching the number one seed in substate. They will face Heritage Christian, the winner of a play-in game with Kansas City Christian. The Seahawks won the lone previous matchup with Heritage earlier in the season 83-37. The first game takes place at Bishop Seabury and is the last game in Dillon Gymnasium of the season. Make sure you come to support your state-bound Seahawks!

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2/17-2/23 Weekend Update Mon, 24 Feb 2020 20:33:31 +0000 The Highschool Boys Basketball game crushed their opponents at the last home game of the season on Tuesday, February 18th. They played Northland Christian, and they won 85 to 33. Notably, senior Luke Hornberger scored 20 points. This game was also Senior Night, when all senior athletes give speeches about their sports memories. Family and friends filled the stands for this momentous occasion. However, the basketball team is not quite done yet, so watch for a substate game coming up soon. 

The Academic World Quest teams trekked to Kansas City for their contest, which was sponsored by the International Relations Council. They competed answering questions in several categories relating to foreign affairs, including Brexit and China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Both teams answered a majority of questions correctly out of 100. The A team, consisting of Juniors Lyle Griggs, Audrey Nguyen-Hoang, Evan McHenry and Peter Westbrook, placed 1st overall, and they will compete at the National competition in Washington DC in April. 

Congratulations to all those who acted in the Lower School play, the Wizard of Oz, this week. The performance traveled to Corpus Christi and the Lawrence Arts Center, and they also gave a show on Monday night at Seabury. There was also a special performance this year for all students and faculty during the afternoon of Thursday, February 20th. The next theatre performance will be the upper school performance of Duck Variations at 7:30 on the nights of February 28th and 29th. 

Sophomore Katie Eckert competed at the KSHSAA State Music Festival, which was at Wichita University on Saturday, February 22nd, in the solo piano performance category. She received a 2, the second highest rating, playing Valse Aerienne by Fritz Spindler. Sophomore Ian Blake also competed at a state competition on Saturday, this time for swimming. For the 100 yard Breaststroke race, his time was 1:00.45, and he took 9th place.

On Saturday, seniors Sam Hindman and Gus Greenhoot hosted a blood drive at Seabury for their senior service project. Thank you to everyone who came to donate blood! That night was Seabury’s Casino Night, which brought out another bloodthirsty side in the students as they competed to win a variety of prizes. Thank you to BSAP for hosting the event.

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2/10-2/16 Weekend Update Fri, 21 Feb 2020 20:09:05 +0000 This week was marked by a range of accomplishments in athletic and academic competitions. The varsity girls basketball team had two games this week, the first against Metro Academy and the second against Cornerstone Family School on Tuesday the 11th and Thursday the 13th respectively. They lost both games but played well and did not go down without a fight. A gallery of images from the Cornerstone game is available on the website of the Lawrence Journal-World.

This week, the Varsity Boys’ Basketball team went 3-0, continuing an excellent season. First, they claimed a strong home win against Metro Academy on Tuesday, winning by a score of 53-41. After that, they pulled off another home win on Thursday, overcoming Cornerstone by a decisive 71-36 margin, with the majority of those 71 points coming from the post. After that, the Seahawks faced a much closer contest on Saturday in the Missouri Hall of Fame Showcase, where the Seahawks pulled out a 45-44 win over Mid Buchanan with tight defense and a clutch free throw from Senior Cobe Green. These wins put the Seahawks at 15-2 on the season, and the team remains the #1 ranked 2A team in the state. 

Middle school teams also had a good week. The middle school girls basketball game played in a tournament this past week. They played Frontier Day school and won 24 to 11. They then moved on in the tournament and beat Pembroke Hill’s B team, winning the tournament and providing a fantastic conclusion to their season! 

The powerlifting team also performed well at a tournament on Saturday. Junior Reaghan Bible placed first overall and first in clean and bench, Senior Gus Greenhoot got first overall in bench, and several other competitors got personal records in their respective categories.

In official KSHSAA academic activities, Seabury saw some success. Individual members of the Forensics squad placed well at their tournament at Lawrence High School on Friday and Saturday. On Friday, junior Lyle Griggs placed fifth in Lincoln-Douglas Debate. Griggs was the first Seabury student to compete in that event in the program’s history. On Saturday, notable performances include a second-place finish in domestic extemporaneous speaking by junior Audrey Nguyen-Hoang, a first-place finish in foreign extemporaneous speaking by junior Lyle Griggs, a first-place finish by Addie Bae and Alex Porter in improvised duet acting, and a third-place finish in info by Logan Mathis.

It was also an excellent week for nontraditional extracurricular activities. The small but mighty contingent of Seabury historians competed at the District 1 Regional History Day competition at Southwest Middle School on Saturday, February 15th. All six students who competed got first or second in their categories. Seventh graders Eliza Brockhoff, Adelle Speiss and Hugh Griggs placed first in their categories, which were individual performance, documentary and website respectively. Freshmen Valene McInerney and Pancho Metz placed first and second in the paper category, and Noah Luke placed second with his individual performance. The state competition will be April 18th at Washburn University in Topeka.

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ruh roh Fri, 21 Feb 2020 20:02:48 +0000

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Middle School Editorial: Kobe Bryant Thu, 20 Feb 2020 18:45:55 +0000 The recent death of star basketball player Kobe Bryant has sparked a storm of tributes, from Instagram posts to outfits dedicated to him at the Oscars. His best moments are the ones we remember as well as the legacy he left behind. Some, however, have reminded us of his past rape case, which makes it hard to both mourn him and hold him accountable for his past actions. 

When most celebrities pass away, the news reports their death and some of their accomplishments. Fans grieve on social media, but only for a day or two. In response to Kobe’s death, people are still mourning over two weeks after the tragic helicopter accident. In this period of grief, however, his past sexual assault allegations are often overlooked. 

In 2003, a hotel employee filed a sexual assault complaint against Kobe Bryant. He initially denied it, and it has been largely forgotten in the aftermath of his death. Instead of focusing on the allegations, many fans choose to celebrate his basketball career. Fans will even go to great lengths to defend Bryant’s legacy; some who brought up his rape charge received death threats.

Many have mixed emotions about his death. Someone that contributed greatly to a beloved sport died, and everyone has a right to grieve in their own ways. Nevertheless, that same person possibly committed a terrible crime, and we must never forget that.

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Spotlight: Madame Derby Thu, 20 Feb 2020 18:45:51 +0000 “Since I was very young, I have been fascinated by other cultures and places,” Madame Derby says, describing her initial fascination with French on childhood trips to Quebec. “I am as excited about learning French and everything about francophone cultures today as I was as a student.” Madame Derby has been teaching French at Seabury since 2011 after moving here from Columbus, Ohio, where she taught at a large school with lots of fights and plenty of interesting stories to tell her French classes today, including one where students claim she jumped over tables in the cafeteria to break up a fight when the cop stationed there didn’t show up. “After a really rough four years in Ohio, I was so happy to teach at Seabury. I’ve learned a lot about teaching, myself, and kids through these diverse experiences. Plus, I have some really good stories!”

Building on her interest in French and high school education in the language, Madame Derby started teaching in Dayton, Ohio, 22 years ago. She moved to Park City, Utah, and taught there, where they had an exchange with their sister city, Courchevel, France. After that, she moved to a larger school in Columbus, Ohio, before coming to Seabury. “I’ve been here for the addition of the 6th grade, the expansion of the commons, the building of the FEMA shelter/locker rooms, and now the new addition,” Madame Derby says of her nine years working here, showing just how dramatically the school has grown. Initially, she only taught two classes, but after readjustments and growth, she teaches four levels of standard French, an honors French section and 7th grade Latin, which she shares with Senor Rowe. “So many teachers, staff and students have come and gone. They’ve all contributed to making this such a dynamic environment.” After nine years of teaching at Seabury, Madame Derby has seen various improvements and renovations, and become a part of this uniquely tight-knit community.

“My favorite part of being a French teacher is showing young people that there’s a whole world out there that you can discover more fully if you are knowledgeable of other languages and cultures,” Madame Derby says. Although the language is usually associated with just Paris and France, it is actually either an official or heritage language in countries on six continents. “Learning another language is also about learning history, geography, literature, art, food etc. It can really open up the world for people and expand their horizons. I like to think that I’m helping to encourage people to be thoughtful about other cultures and enthusiastic about diversity,” she says. According to Madame Derby, French studies have been the most influential part of her life, and she loves French’s “satisfyingly rule-based” grammar. “It’s so fun and rewarding to have a job where you explain your passion to others and try to convince them to be passionate about it too.” Over her years at Seabury, Madame Derby has certainly impacted students’ lives and passed on her love of French.


“I’ve known Lori for the last three years and she is one of the best, most dedicated teachers we have at Seabury”

  • Mr. Neuteboom

“It’s easy to learn with her because you don’t fall behind on anything.”

  • Will Richard

“She just has a great style and is great at working with you instead of against you.”

  • Sean Reddy

Of course I wear dresses on cruise ships — what else would I wear to captain’s dinner?

  • Audrey
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“Rick and Morty” Season 4 Thu, 20 Feb 2020 18:45:47 +0000 After an extremely long wait for “Rick and Morty” fans, episodes of Season 4 of the ever-popular Adult Swim show began to air in November. So far, producers have only released five episodes and have come to a sudden halt, leaving viewers everywhere wondering when the sixth episode will arrive. The answer to this question may leave some viewers angry, as the release of the next five episodes is rumored to be planned for April. 

Despite the pause in episodes, my viewing experience of “Rick and Morty” season four has been really enjoyable. The first episode featured Rick dying and being reborn into his endless clone factory in an alternate universe every time, while Morty struggles to live with a crystal that shows him how he will die. This season certainly seems more focused on Rick and Morty, showing less of the rest of the Smith family, as explained at the end of the episode when Rick and Morty yell at Summer for even being in the shot. 

Without going into the rest of the episodes, this most recent half-season of the critically acclaimed TV show features all original ideas that have not been used before in the series, which is usually the downfall of most TV series that go for as many seasons as “Rick and Morty.” The episodes so far all feature the same wacky “Rick and Morty” humor and characters that have attracted millions of viewers.

Overall, Season 4 of “Rick and Morty” has so far been excellent, replete with the witty humor, wacky characters, crazy ideas and talking cats that make the show unique.

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Horoscopes Issue 7 (2/20/20) Thu, 20 Feb 2020 18:45:46 +0000 Aquarius: Surprises await you. Specifically, you will unexpectedly win the Democratic primary election in American Samoa.


Pisces: Toothless Mike Tyson will soon pay you a visit. Whatever you do, do not put cajun fish seasoning on your ears like you usually do.


Aries: Following a 7.7 magnitude earthquake in the Seabury basement, a recently-opened chasm in the gym will give Seabury Basketball a remarkable home-court advantage but swallow Alex Porter. Watch your step.


Taurus: When you get home today check your closet for stray Mr. Howcrofts.


Gemini: In your future, there is lots and lots of garlic bread. Just be careful around Scorpio.


Cancer: If you are feeling sick or have any flu-like symptoms, please report to the toe washing station immediately.


Leo: If you play your cards right, Team Giannis will take you number one overall in the draft.


Virgo: In the next four days, if you even think about fluffy bottle monkey, stinky Derrick Henry will demolish your garage door with his hair.


Libra: You might have a strange recurring dream of you with absolutely no hair, but don’t be scared — it will come true on February 31st. 


Scorpio: If you see Gemini with garlic bread this week, steal it. Steal all of it. 


Sagittarius: Expect to have a hostile encounter with the New York Jets special teams coach Brant Boyer. Be careful.


Capricorn: Get too close to the lower school play and you may find yourself chased by a seventh grader in a sparkly pink hat.

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“Circles” Thu, 20 Feb 2020 18:45:45 +0000 The tragic and sudden death of Mac Miller rocked the music world in 2018; the rapper/producer was beloved for his pop-influenced rap and R&B songs. His 2018 album, “Swimming,” topped out at number 3 on the US Billboard 200, and was also well-received among critics. His latest release, “Circles,” has been released posthumously and compiled from work Miller did on the album before his death; it is his sixth studio album. Unlike the posthumous releases from other artists, like the ill-fated “Skins” album from rapper XXXTentacion, “Circles” maintains its authenticity and does not seem like a simple cash-grab exploiting Miller’s name recognition. 

On the whole, the album has a softer, more melancholy sound with Miller delivering understated vocals on most of the tracks. The production is quite minimal as well, but the included instrumentation is of a high quality and fits each track well. On the track “Woods,” Miller sings and raps about being stuck in the throes of a broken relationship with one of the album’s more florid instrumentals as backdrop. The song is representative of the whole album: well put together work regarding Miller’s various struggles and vices. The slow and reflective feel of the album is much like that of “Swimming.” On one of the album’s more lively tracks, “Hands,” Miller raps to an uptempo beat, but the lyrics are more dark, with him cycling through some of his more negative thoughts. The lead single, “Good News,” is bittersweet, especially in light of Miller’s untimely passing; when Miller sings: “There’s a whole lot more for me waitin’ on the other side” he sounds eerily prescient. 

Overall, the album is exactly what it needed to be: a diligent tribute to Miller’s legacy. It gives his fans one last project to enjoy without seeming like a haphazard grasp at capitalizing on his fame. 

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